CUTTING TECHNIQUES: I work with each client's unique and natural hair texture, teaching them to easily create beautiful styles every morning from home. I cut hair using both the scissors or razor, depending on preference. I give precision based haircuts that grow out strong and true to form while the hair is wet, and then define each persons signature movement and body once the hair is dry. I always consider what will benefit each clients lifestyle and bring the most out of every individual face shape. 

COLORING TECHNIQUES: For the most part I use a hand-painted "balayage" technique where I artistically place highlights and lowlights on top of the hair in order to bring out the haircut's shape and reflect the most light. My highlights continue to look bright, dimensional and natural as they grow. I pull from a full backbar of L'oreal Professionnel hair color, which I view to be the best color line in the world. Loreal offers potent gray coverage, a beautiful spectrum of cools and warms, and are the leaders in the industry offering "ammonia free" hair color.