Hi! I'm Rachel. And here's the story of my beginnings: 

I began my beauty career at the age of 18 as a skincare therapist in Southern California and earned my Bachelor's Degree at the same time. Upon graduating in 2007 I decided to move to NYC without a plan. Fate intervened shortly after when I met Nick Arrojo and was inspired to become a hairstylist. I spent 4 years pouring into my new craft at ARROJO Studio, learning from and practicing alongside some of the most brilliant hairstylists in the industry.

Forever grateful for that season of my career and for all of the connections I made, in 2013 I decided to move my clientele to Fringe Salon where I had fallen in love with the creative, colorful and artist environment nurtured by the owner Amy Schiappa. I felt inspired at Fringe as both a stylist and a colorist and delighted myself in being a part of its happy, hairstylist family.

In 2017 I followed my instincts yet again and packed my shears for a new opportunity at Pembley Salon in Soho. My best hairstylist friends paved the way for me by moving to Pembley first, both ex-Arrojo and Fringe stylists themselves. I am so extremely proud of my new space at Pembley Salon and am quickly becoming a part of its thriving culture.

I consider my job a great joy in my life and truly cherish the close relationships I've kept over the years with my beautiful clients. On my days off from behind the chair I find inspiration through gardening in my outdoor space, camping in far off woods, going for hiking adventures with my puppy, cooking clean from home, and through my daily yoga practice.