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I would vote Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian tied for the nomination of most cut + color changes over the past decade. Some they got right, some they got wrong and some have fallen everywhere in between. Two things are for certain though: it's been fun to watch as a member of the audience and this type of constant change takes a very diligent stylist to keep the hair healthy (and probably thousands of dollars spent on wigs and extensions thrown in the mix too!)  

This is a cute article marking Tay Tay's evolution as a style icon and maybe you'll learn something about yourself if you fall into any one of her categories! Do you have wavy hair and are curious how best to style it? do you have an oval face and are curious how best to layer around it? are you experimenting between short vs. long styles or bangs vs. no bangs? do you have pale skin and eyes and want to study what most washes you out, wearing light blonde vs. dark blonde? are your skin and eyes prone towards looking pink and you want to neutralize the ruddiness by keeping your color cool vs warm? do you look best in golds, creams and orange reds and want to study what makeup and clothing choices best compliment you? This gallery represents every good and bad choice she's made in all of those categories. Study the photos you like best and worst and come up with why!