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I want to talk about some some hard and fast rules I always follow as a colorist. Anyone who sits in my chair can enjoy being blonde, red or brunette throughout their lifetime, but we have to work with what God gave us and there are some basic rules of AVOIDANCE we must follow in the world of hair color. Depending on skin type, it is to avoid looking too red, yellow or green in the face.  

Rule #1: "pale skin + light eyes must avoid excessive yellow tones in the hair." If this is you, you should stick to the big and beautiful world of cool blonde tones or skip straight on over into light, warm copper tones. Yellow hair washes out yellow toned skin by being way too much of the same, whereas yellow hair really exaggerates unwanted red tones in pale and ruddy skin and eyes. 

Rule #2: "medium eyes + skin prone to tanning must avoid excessive orange tones in the hair." If this is you, you should keep your blonde tones soft and warm, your carmel tones cool and contrasting, and your browns tones rich. Tanned skin is a medium, warm tone in the spectrum of color so it requires lighter or darker contrasting colors. Too many warm copper tones in the hair will clash and look really unnatural.

Rule #3: "dark eyes + dark skin must avoid excessive red tones in the hair." Think Beyonce: she's rocked the entire rainbow of browns, coppers, blondes and carmels with total success, and she's always stayed either lighter than her skin tone, or darker to avoid looking washed out. Should she venture into the red family of hair color, her skin could look green.