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Best haircolor + haircut for a long, narrow face

You can use your cut + color combo to hide and disguise what you don't like and to accentuate and draw the eye to what you do. We all know that and most of us are balancing things out without even knowing it! Let's use long slender faces as a case study. For example, have you ever seen Gwyneth Paltrow teasing the top and sides of her hair? or adding a lot of body and shape all over? No. She's basically stuck with monotone blonde color and long straight cuts with minimal layering for her entire career. And that's because she has a long narrow face and the bigger, bulkier and busier her hair is, the more it would draw attention to that. Another example, Sarah Jessica Parker. She's a celebrity who has worn hair as a main accessory for her entire career. She's definitely followed trends over the years but for the past handful she's stayed put rocking her signature dark hair on top with a less is more mentality on her highlights. The dark base absorbs light so it tricks the eye to think her head is not as long and thin on top as it actually is. She has one light piece framing her face in front which tricks the eye to think her face is much wider than it is. And she has kept her layers really long and minimal for the past few years because it builds up a curtain over her face to soften her strong facial features. The moral of the story is: it's exciting to be on trend but we always have to consider and modify based on individual face shape and features! Let's be candid with each other at your next appointment about what you love and what you don't love about yourself and we'll come up with an expert plan.

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