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Hello GORGEOUS hand-painted highlights. This hair looks so healthy, thick, vibrant and bright, and she's able to be such a light blonde without being washed out or drawing attention to her contrasting dark eyes/brows because of several reasons, but one being that the roots have a darker shadow! This is so essential. Every head of highlights I do gets a "toner" at the end. It's applied at the sink with the purpose of sealing the cuticle, adding shine, and depositing a soft tone that is more flattering than what nature would give us. Something I often do for my clients during the "toning" process is to apply a different tone to the roots, just a touch darker than the ends which is applied only above the spot where the head rounds down. This is called a "root shadow" and is one of my most favorite tools in my highlighting tool-kit.

transitioning from blonde to brown

CAROLYN in prospect park