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apricot inspiration

I adore fiery copper hues on pale skin and blue eyes! The rule of thumb for pale skin/ blue eyes is: avoid GOLD tones! It will exaggerate the unevenness of the skin and the redness around the eyes. Imagine this scenario: let's say this was my client who was born toe-head blonde and has been visiting me for years trying to replicate that bright but cool blonde color in the salon every 6-8 weeks with highlights and a gloss because she looks "mousy" and tired without it. Let's just say she was inspired to take a risk and try copper all of a sudden! I would tell her, absolutely!! As a copper-head she'd be surprised to find all of the freckles and red tones in her skin would be completely eliminated. She'd find herself not needing makeup suddenly, just a little cheek and lip color. She'd be able to wear whites, cremes and neutrals without looking washed out. Not to mention how she'd stand out in a room as a fiery red! What a fun successful change that would be, and one that could easily be reversed btw. So to all my pale girls: Either head over to the world of coppers, or stay in the land of cool-toned blondes. Both are great options that we could explore together over the years. 

The shag is back.